A New Smoking Alternative Could Land Investors Outsized Returns

Research by Tim Collins and Bob Byrne of Streetlight Confidential

July 19, 2021

70% of smokers want to quit, but dislike the current smoking alternatives.

This creates a huge market opportunity. In an industry that’s proven again and again that it can make investors serious money. Consider one of the smoking industry’s powerhouses, Philip Morris, if you had invested in Philip Morris 20 years ago, today you’d be sitting on a 2,700% profit!

Yes, this is a huge industry, and a profitable industry:

✓ Globally, it’s a market valued at $925 billion.

✓ In the U.S., it’s a market valued at $75 billion

 It’s worth so much because people love to smoke … and it’s a perfect market for an amazing new smoking alternative. You see, this company has created a revolutionary, new product that could quickly become the #1 smoking alternative in the country in the world. Their product has been engineering to closely replicate every sensory element of smoking, from the packaging and the “crackling” of lit leaf, to the “hand-to-mouth” experience and “motor habits” of smoking, including flicking ashes, and more.

Read below to learn more about how TAAT (OTCQX: TOBAF / TAAT) is poised to cause a paradim shift to an industry that’s worth almost $1 trillion.

They are effectively doing for smoking what Beyond Meat did for meat.

Over a few years, Beyond Meat became the powerhouse vegetarian alternative to ground beef in the United States . Beyond Meat is now sold in thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and universities across the country.  It has become a household name and is widely considered one of the big players defining the future of the food industry.

Investors now have the opportunity to get in on the next big industry disruptor by investing with TAAT Global Alternatives (OTCQX: TOBAF / TAAT).

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What’s more is that in 2021, the Biden Administration has effectively declared a war on smoking. In March 2021, the Biden Administration made headlines saying that it intends to ban menthol products on the grounds that they entice teens into smoking at a younger age. In a further encroachment of liberty, the administration says it’s also considering requiring companies to reduce essential ingredients to “non-addictive” levels in smoking products. Massachusetts and California have already banned menthol products; more states are on the way. This large wave of government regulation only further enables TAAT’s market opportunity.

    And they’ve already proven that their product is in high demand.

    In TAAT’s initial rollout to 150 stores in Ohio, more than 60% of the stores have requested follow-up orders after having TAAT in their stores for only 4 weeks. The company is ready to bring this level of success to the national level.

    It has partnered with CROSSMARK, Inc., a major Texas-based sales and merchandise agency, for all its distribution needs. CROSSMARK has relationships with over 100,000 convenience stores, regional and national chains, wholesalers, and distributors across the country. This means that TAAT products have immediate access to tens of millions of customers every year, right off the bat. The company also has a viable revenue stream through online sales.

    On their first few days of sales, the company made over $120,000 through their website alone. In the first 48 hours of launching, the company’s website tracked over 6,000 unique new page visitors, generating over 36,000 page views — meaning, there is already high interest in TAAT’s products.

      You don’t want to miss out — Investors now have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor by investing with TAAT Global Alternatives (OTCQX: TOBAF / TAAT).

        And there’s even more promising news on the horizon …

        The CEO of Philip Morris International, Jacek Olczak, has issued a statement saying that the company’s products should be banned, and that Philip Morris will stop selling Marlboros in the UK within a decade. The move underscores the company’s goal to become smoke-free and help end the use of their traditional products. Olczak added to his statement that the UK government should outlaw these products within a decade, likening them to gas-powered cars, which are set to be barred from being sold in the country starting in 2030 “And actually, the sooner it happens, the better it is for everyone. With the right regulation and information, it can happen 10 years from now in some countries. And you can solve the problem once and forever,” he said.

        While Philip Morris International is separate from Philip Morris USA, which makes Marlboro products in the US and is a division of the American tobacco corporation Altria, it altogether highlights the larger cultural shift towards healthier smoking alternatives in the coming years. This puts TAAT in the limelight as an industry leader for smoking alternatives — with a product that satisfies the physical, habitual lifestyle of smoking, but without all the dangerous, addictive ingredients that fill up traditional products.

        The push by Philip Morris’s CEO also echoes the predisposition of TAAT’s own CEO. TAAT’s CEO Setti Coscarella was lured away from Philip Morris — where he headed up efforts to develop smoking alternatives. He realized instantly that the company had developed the product of the future and almost immediately accepted an offer to become the CEO.

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          Research by Tim Collins and Bob Byrne of Streetlight Confidential

          July 19, 2021